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Drawing inspiration from the dance of the gentle tides, everything seems to flow. Like the undulating ocean waves and the rustle of the palm fronds, each stroke of expert hands lulls you into bliss. Feeling your body’s clock start to synchronise with the island’s natural rhythm. Trusting, connecting, healing, being. Seeking indulgence, finding inner peace.

Wood, stone, water and light – all the fundamental elements of the earth – come together in perfect harmony in the design of The Spa’s 20 treatment rooms. Hydrotherapy pools, steam rooms and saunas are offered to complement your treatments. Meanwhile, dedicated relaxation areas are designed as natural sanctuaries, allowing you to take a moment before emerging renewed.

Our signature journeys invite you to move at your own pace through rituals of relaxation, of discovery, holistic renewal, or simply island-inspired indulgence. For even more tailored treatments, we invite you to book a consultation with our resident Ayurvedic Doctor who can provide an introduction to this ancient tradition, as well as prescribe the ideal therapies based on your personal dosha, or unique mind and body type.