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Flying in over the ocean, green hearts enveloped by white sands, coral-fringed, turquoise lagoons revealing themselves one by one, every island more perfect than the next. Imagining what it must feel like to sink into that sand, to wade into those clear waters.

Scattered picturesquely across the Indian Ocean waters, the Maldives is a living image of tropical perfection, each island – all 1,192 of them – completely unique, with some ringed entirely by lagoons and coral reefs, others mere bars of wave-kissed sands floating on endless swathes of blue.

What unites them is a shared history of seafaring pirates and sultans, Portuguese, Dutch, Arab and British traders, all of whom have influenced – but never overshadowed – the quiet strength and beauty of the Maldivian people and their culture. With its own unique language, Dhivehi, complete with its richly melodic tones and graceful script, along with artistic and culinary traditions shaped over centuries, the Maldives is so much more than just an island escape – it is a way of life. We invite you to discover it, up close, with The Sun Siyam.


Beauty abounds at Iru Fushi – from the graceful prow of a dhoni tracing a pattern passed down for generations, to the purity of its pristine silky white sands. Behind every facet of the island’s captivating beauty lies a story, waiting to be shared. The Sun Siyam Iru Fushi strives not only to preserve each and every one, but to connect our guests to the rich culture and traditions that make our community of islands like no other place on earth.

We engage in proactive yet culturally respective social responsibility efforts that preserve the atoll’s traditions while also bettering livelihoods. Along the way, we invite guests seeking a deeper connection to the atoll’s people and culture to take part – from spending a day with the local fishermen who supply our restaurants, to practicing English with their children at the village school, to just trading stories and recipes with the women as they prepare the day’s catch.

Our guests leave with a unique insight into the Maldives, enriched by its culture and traditions. Meanwhile our communities benefit from the support offered by The Sun Siyam – and their meaningful engagement with you. We warmly welcome you to our home, and into our hearts.


Iru Fushi is just the start of your journey. Beyond lie the unspoilt islands of Noonu Atoll, where Maldivian life continues as it has done for centuries. Where boat builders work in meticulous fashion, sanding back wood to reveal a silken finish; children learn about the precious species that give the Indian Ocean its compelling allure; elders farm fruits and organic vegetables shared at their own tables – and at those of nearby resorts.

Two contrasting worlds. One unforgettable experience.